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VGA Fiber Optical Extender

  • PW-DT206F
  • PW-DT206F
  • PW-DT206F


  • Distance up to 20KM
  • Resolution up to 1080P
  • over fiber cable
  • VGA extender
  • Product description: Compress VGA Fiber Extender

PW-DT206F 20KM VGA Fiber Extender


The PW-DT206F Extender could transmission high-definition video long distance through a single fiber cable , external independent audio and other function, can adapt to a variety of complex applications. The device has a superior image processing and transmission capacity, so that the signal transmission more smooth and stable, it is a good solution with a reliable, high-performance, efficient VGA, signals to extend the way.


1.Transmit VGA video and audio over long distances through the Fiber, up to 20KM.

2.The highest resolution HD video signals up to 1920* 1080P @ 60Hz.
3。Compliance with VGA standard protocol。
4.Support for external stereo audio signal transmission.
5.It can automatically identify and configure a variety of display modes.
6.Built-in automatic equalization system, the picture is smooth, clear and stable.
7.Built-in ESD Protection Circuit, comprehensive protection system security.

8.Easy to install, plug and play, no need to set.


Working diagram:

More Pictures:

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